Impressions of two NTU staffs about ILP Program 2019 in Kagoshima University, Japan

From 19th August to 24th September, 2019, the Summer Session for the Graduate School of Fisheries 2019 was held at Faculty of Fisheries, Kagoshima University, Kagoshima, Japan. The summer session was offered for the master course students registered for the “Postgraduate (Master) Program on Tropical Fisheries with International Linkage (ILP)”, an international linkage to share the curriculum with fisheries subjects is provided by the member schools in Southeast Asian countries and Japan.

Listen to feelings of two master students from Nha Trang University about summer course of Postgraduate Program on Tropical Fisheries with International Linkage.

Never too late to study

As women who are always busy with housework, school work, but Ms. Le Thien Sa and Ms. Dao Thi Doan Trang, currently working at Center for Experiments and Practices in Nha Trang University, were still determined to participate this challenging and exciting course.

Ms. Trang shared: “As staff working at laboratories, I want to access modern equipment, facilities, to experience in managing and operating the laboratory of the University so that I can apply it into my work for better serving training and scientific research. In addition, the content of the course is suitable for aquaculture major that I am taking for master degree”

Ms. Sa was especially interested in the subjects of the latest Analytical and Experimental Method which were taught in the program, because they were suitable for the current job she is currently undertaking at the Nha Trang University.

Highly applicable subjects

In six weeks, students studied subjects such as Aquaculture, Aquatic Bioresource Sciences and Technology, Latest Analytical and Experimental Methods on Biochemistry, etc.

Each lecture was lively with lots of new and updated information. Ms. Trang was impressed by the lectures' contents, teaching methods and enthusiastic guidance of professors: Prof. Tomonari KOTANI, Prof. Miguel VAZQUEZARCHDALE, Prof. Kazuhiko ANRAKU, Prof. Shiozaki, Munnechika ISHIZAKI.

The professors were very friendly, approachable and dedicated to helping students learn, integrate and express themselves. After class, they also spent time sharing life experiences and in-depth knowledge with interested students.

In addition to lessons in class, students also visited Kagoshima fish market - one of the largest fish markets in Japan, witnessed the auction of fish that had just arrived at the port as well as admired spectacular fish processing technique. They were impressed by the way of preserving aquatic products after fishing, the way of operation and management of this Seafood Cooperative.

Students had a chance to visit the Kagoshima - Maru 03 ship, which is a modern ship of Kagoshima University for training and research on marine science and fishing technology.

They visited the Seafood Cooperative which cultures tuna with sea cages, exploit tourist services in Tarumizu – Kagoshima. They also enjoyed the local flavor cuisine from the restaurant's chef.

Warm memories of friends from neighbor countries

Ms. Trang told: “We and other students from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand had a good time of studying and joining activities together, exchanging and sharing information and helping each other complete assignments, reports in class as well as in the lab. We also had the opportunity to learn about the culture and people of each other’s country. We had many good memories not only in the classroom, in the laboratory, field trips but also in outside activities. We walked together for tens of kilometers, rode bicycle or took cramped buses to visit the city with many beautiful natural landscapes, famous cultural relics and enjoyed typical cuisine of Kagoshima. The moments united us, the students from other countries and the Japanese students from strangers to intimate friends, creating a close relationship between members of the program network”.

For Ms. Sa, she felt that the students from other countries were sociable and close. Even though they studied together for a short time, they gave each other sincere feelings; despite the difference in religion and age but they were very respectful and sympathetic. In particular, what she remembered most is when young people called her "Mamy" in an affectionately loving voice.

Interesting things about Kagoshima

This course was held at Kagoshima University, Kagoshima city. This was a great opportunity for students to experience life and learn more about Japanese people and culture.

Kagoshima is the main center of Kagoshima Prefecture with relatively cool climate, nice clean streets, convenient and safe transportation, and friendly people. The city has many famous landscapes and cultural relics.

Kagoshima Bay is similar to Nha Trang Bay with a large area of water and a developed fisheries sector. In addition, agriculture is also one of the key industries in Kagoshima.

Famous cuisines in Kagoshima are made from local products from caught and aquaculture such as Sashimi from tuna, fish ball, Kurobuta pork, Kagoshima beef, and Soju wine made from purple sweet potato which is typical of Kagoshima Prefecture.

What is treasured and learned from here is the people. They live a simple, sincere, humble, and civilized life. Many old people here still work for a living, devoting more to the society.

In addition, the organization for this program of Kagoshima University was very thoughtful and accurate. Simple but essential guidance information for foreigners were provided on the first day of the arrival in Japan such as health care, security, banking; the nearest prayer places for the religions were indicated carefully.

Six weeks of study and practice, six weeks to experience new knowledge, understand more about the people of other countries have left extremely unforgettable memories for two master students from Nha Trang University.


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