Nha Trang University: an ideal learning environment for international students    

Every year, Nha Trang University not only welcomes thousands of domestic students but also receives an increasing number of international students attending undergraduate, graduate programs and short-term courses. For example, in 2018, the University has 60 international students studying full-time programs, many of them took one semester exchange programs or attended short-term programs. So, what is the reason why Nha Trang University is attracting international students? Join us to find answers from our students: Tomas (Namibia), Louis (Haiti) and Jean (Rwanda).


Attractive training programs

By the expansion of cooperation with many agencies, institutes and universities around the world, Nha Trang University has now opened some international master’s programs in English or French, including: Business Administration and Tourism (Bilingual programs in English and French under the cooperation and support of Francophone University Agency - AUF), Food Technology (Training in English under VLIR project supported by Belgian Government), Marine Ecosystem-based Management and Climate Change (Training in English under NORHED project supported by Norwegian government).


Organizations such as the AUF or the projects of the Belgian government, the Norwegian government are well-known in the world. Therefore, it is easier and more convenient to attract the attention of students from around the world to participate in these programs.

Tomas Ndatitangi Nalukaku from Namibia said she applied for the master’s program in Marine Ecosystem-based Management and Climate Change at Nha Trang University and felt blessed for being admitted. This program is also in line with her career orientation in the future. Currently, Tomas has completed the 2-year program of the 3rd Cohort and defended her master thesis with the highest score among three cohorts.


Meanwhile, Louis Hernseau, another student from the island nation - Haiti of the Caribbean, found his predestined relationship with Nha Trang University through the AUF. “I always have a desire to take graduate programs to increase my opportunities of getting a good job with a high salary in my home country. I applied for the bilingual master's program in Business Administration and Tourism and was accepted by the University. I knew that I really wanted to study this program as soon as I found it”. He said.

Louis (first right) is pursuing graduate programs to get a good job in Haiti


As for Jean Baptiste Simurabiye from Rwanda, are currently studying the master’s program on Food Technology, decided to choose Nha Trang University after learning that NTU has master’s programs for international students. Besides, he is also interested in the geographical location of the University.


Convenient learning environment

In 2019, Nha Trang University marked 60th anniversary of building and development. Some of the University's historic works were renovated and repaired in parallel with the conservation and nurturing of many trees. A number of other constructions were newly built with modern equipment. This contributes to creating an intergration between new and old images, an attraction for both Vietnamese and international students.


Tomas shared: “The study environment here is very close to nature and helpful for learning. The classrooms and all facilities such as laboratories, etc. are well equipped. They make learning and teaching activities easier. ”


On the other hand, international students coming to study at NTU are not too worried about accommodation because they will be staying in dormitories, located right on campus. “The University's physical training and sports equipment are also very good. There are basketball courts, exercise facilities, volleyball courts, badminton courts, etc. near the dormitory, which gives us time to release the pressure after the study sessions”, Tomas added.


The coastal city is friendly and hospitable

Nha Trang University locates on the Lasan hill of Nha Trang city, a coastal city is always bustling with tourists, so international students studying here always feel vibrant, not boring. Besides the amusement parks, restaurants, famous sights, students can visit marine life museum, suburban villages, or neighboring provinces in their free time. Thereby, they have opportunities to learn more about the people of Nha Trang city in particular and Vietnamese in general, and will be more integrated with life here.

Tomas (second from the left) in an outdoor trip with Access class - Nha Trang University


Referring to Nha Trang, Louis happily replied, “This is a wonderful place. This land is famous for tourism, luxury hotels and investment in products for travelers (security, hospitality, culture, beautiful beaches, physical and intangible heritage, sunlight, cuisine ...). This is a decisive factor of this paradise with an area of ​​only 251 km2.


With Tomas, the most impressive thing is Vietnamese people: “I appreciate and will bring home the discipline and hard work, especially from very diligent Vietnamese women. I realize that Vietnamese people also like to enjoy life regardless of their age such as they still spend time to swim or drink coffee. That is probably what I will teach my people in Namibia. Eating healthily is also something I will always remember ”.


People are also a factor that makes Jean feel Nha Trang as his "home". He recalled his first memory to Nha Trang: “When I arrived at Cam Ranh airport, I got lost because it was evening. When I was trying to manage, an elderly man came to me and tried to speak in Vietnamese, but I did not understand. He must have seen that I needed some help, so he asked a girl to assist with the translation, finally helping me to get to Nha Trang University. I always find it hard to believe whenever I remember this”.

Jean (5th from the left) perceives Nha Trang and Vietnam as his second home


In the future, Nha Trang University will continue to promote and expand training programs in English, French, etc. through international cooperation. Thereby, students from many different countries will have the opportunity to come to Nha Trang, Vietnam to study as well as exchange culture between countries.


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Besides, two of Rwanda students taking master program in Aquaculture (Cohort 2012-2014) used to share their feelings about Nha Trang University as follows:


Jean Claude NDORIMANA, Master  student in Aquaculture from Rwanda

"I would  say that all staff in NTU are very friendly, any kind of help you may require which is in their possibility they provide it; because we deal very often with Department of External Affairs, I would like to take this opportunity and present my degree of appreciation to all of them without any particular sympathy or emphasize. Any problem we face, they intervene as if it is their own problem; they treat students as real friends and colleagues; we interact as if we are in family. 
Jean Claude (2nd from the left) in his graduation ceremony
Students in Nha Trang are also very friendly but you need to take time because when they see you as a foreigner they are surprised but as you get familiar to them, they are unique, very helpful, friendly so that today everyone we so far met is a friend of mine; the only barrier to many students is the communication in English. 
Campus life is also good, they try to keep the campus clean, enough security in the whole campus; many entertainment events but I would suggest the University to consider the presence of Foreign Students so that the Master of Ceremony in different events organized should summarize every step in English so that we can be able to follow what is going on; his is the case on University website


You should try to make easy translation into English because very often we we try to translate we fail and we can know any announcement apart from our colleagues. 


Otherwise, NTU is well located in a beautiful place, people around Nha Trang city are also very kind".
KAMONDO Stephanie, Master  student in Aquaculture from Rwanda  
"Frankly speaking, Nha Trang University is exactly what we expected before coming here in Vietnam for our Postgraduate study. It has great facilities, like lecture halls,  classrooms, experimental and practical facilities, wonderful and spacious dormitories especially for foreign students in K1 with access to the sea view, modern library system, gymnastic complex (as exercising is one of my hobbies), and many other teaching, learning and research facilities.  All these and much more, help us to be in good health and strong intellectual state. This social and friendly environment gives me so much hope in the future. 


People in Nha Trang city in general and everyone (lecturers, staff, students) at NTU are particularly very nice people, very friendly with care, every time they greet me with a big smile.
I guarantee that, NTU is the right Institution for higher education, especially in aquaculture program because the staff, lecturers are dedicated to their jobs, they always make sure that we are gaining not only theoretical knowledge but also practical experiment. 

One of the proofs of this is that we (4 Rwandan students) had one month of training trip in Research Institute of Aquaculture No. 1 from 15th April – 15th May, 2013. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude the NTU particularly to the Aquaculture Department. I also recognize that we have very kind classmates and we thank them for their assistance and encouragements".