Campus overview and infrastructure

Located in the most beautiful coastal city in Vietnam, surrounded by one of the most beautiful bays in the world - Nha Trang Bay, the main campus of Nha Trang University (NTU) has the most beautiful location compared to other universities in Vietnam. In addition to the main campus of 20 hectares, NTU also has a number of facilities in other places such as Cam Ranh Saltwater Experimental Aquaculture Farm, Ninh Phung Freshwater Experiment Camp, Phuoc Dong Shipyard and Kien Giang Branch with an area of 50 hectares.

Currently, NTU has 8 lecture halls with a total of 120 classrooms, of which 100% are equipped with modern teaching facilities. These facilities are eligible to host seminars, international conferences and online video conferencing. NTU has 120 rooms on an area of 15,000 m2, capable of simultaneously providing 6,000 seats for students.

NTU owns 50 laboratories covering many fields such as chemistry, experimental biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, microbiology, marine fishing gear, ship engine, marine and marine, food technology, refrigeration engineering and manufacturing. All are equipped with modern equipment capable of serving students and researchers to conduct and carry out research projects at all levels.

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NTU's library consists of 3 buildings including 7 reading rooms with a total of 1,000 seats, 2 bookstores and a magazine room for Internet access and multimedia databases.

The library has a large collection of documents and resources including 18,000 different titles (46,000 copies), of which 23,000 are in foreign languages. Nearly 3,500 theses and 300 kinds of domestic and international newspapers and magazines. The library also has an electronic database of 4,000 books and hundreds of thousands of copyrighted references available online. The resource is updated annually with 2,000 new titles (5,000 copies).

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In addition to the Library, Nha Trang University also arranges many Self-study areas with green, airy and quiet space for students to study in groups and do academic activities.

Nha Trang University is located on LaSan hill, facing the sea, about 3 km from the city center to the North. Nha Trang University has many green campuses, where students can enjoy watching the sea, the whole city, and having fun after stressful studying hours.

The NTU cafeteria is a 4-storey building. Consisting of 4 areas: canteen, beverage, mini market and entertainment, in addition to serving students and staff daily, the NTU canteen also serves lunch and dinner as a standard restaurant serving a variety of foods for important events such as international seminars, conferences, birthdays and anniversaries.

NTU has 10 dormitory buildings with 1,000 rooms, accommodation for more than 5,000 students. These include Undergraduate Residences, Graduate Residences, and Outstanding Student Residences. All dormitories are well equipped and located inside the main campus. Students can reach the dormitory by walking from any building on campus. It also has ancillary facilities such as canteens, laundry rooms, classrooms, indoor and outdoor stadiums and gymnasiums, table tennis rooms, and common rooms. Wifi and Internet are provided free of charge at all dormitories and buildings on campus.

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