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    Ecoweek 2020 at NTU
    Ecoweek 2020 at NTU

    The Ecoweek 2020 with the topic "Water and energy footprint in tourism" took place at NTU from July 2-6, 2020. The program was within the framework of the project "Replication and integration of innovative approaches of ecological movement into activities of universities in 2018-2020”, which is co-organized by the Center for Community and Environmental Initiatives (C&E) and universities under the sponsorship of Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Institute, Southeast Asia Regional Office (RLS).


    The Ecoweek 2020 with the topic "Water and Energy Footprint in Tourism" had two main activities: "Eco-space" and "Eco-lecture". The "Eco-space" included projects introduction of teams, groups and social enterprises in the city; as well as seminars with the participation of young people who have had certain success in the field of environment and responses of NTU students. The "Eco-lecture" consisted of training courses, fieldtrips, and project-building skills session for 50 students in three days from 3-5 July, 2020.


    During the program, students enthusiastically participated in following activities: eco-consumer fairs and painting exhibitions, forum about ecological challenges, eco-lecture hall, and practical experience on Bich Dam Island and The Moshav Farm, and developing ecological projects.


    At the closing ceremony, the organizers awarded the first prize to Anh Duong team for a free English teaching project for residents on Bich Dam Island, the second prize to the Green Farm team with an eco-apartments project, and the third prize to the Green Future team with a project called Butterfly Pea. The organizers also awarded consolation prizes to the remaining teams.

    The first prize 

    The second prize

    The third prize

    The Ecoweek 2020 was organized to create an useful and attractive playground for young people in Nha Trang city, especially NTU’s students. This was a place where students can exchange, share their knowledge and experience with others, seeking for sustainable development directions associated with future ecological lifestyles for young people. 

    Some more pictures of the program:

    Manufacturing and offering automatic hand sanitizer dispensers to schools and hospitals
    Two training programs: Seafood Processing Technology and Ship Engineering are granted quality accreditation certificates
    "Zero- Vietnam Dong market" to support students
    Training course on Socially Responsible Labor Management in Seafood Sector
    Training course on Socially Responsible Labor Management in Seafood Sector

    June 27, 2020: A training course on Socially Responsible Labor Management in Seafood Sector was organized by the International Labor Organization in Vietnam (ILO) in collaboration with NTU. More than 50 students from two training programs of Fisheries Management and Seafood Processing of NTU, 14 representatives from businesses from Phu Yen and Binh Dinh provinces participated in the course.

    Participants listened to presentations on topics such as: Working time, Child labor, Labor & wages, Forced labor, Discrimination in labor, Actual situation of labor management in the skipjack tuna supply chain in Vietnam. The training course was organized to provide knowledge for participants in seafood sector, update their knowledge on labor management regulations and standards of ILO and Vietnamese Labor Code, and update knowledge of corporate social responsibility standards for labor management and employment.

    The International Labor Organization (ILO) was established in 1919. To date, the ILO has 187 member countries. The ILCO was established to promote social justice and the protection of labor and human rights. NTU has had 3 lecturers who used to take part in ILO training courses. It also organized working sessions between the two sides and held training courses for students.


    Faculty of Transportation Engineering: Organizing ship model and eco-car racing and logistics quiz contest
    Extract calcium from tuna bones and its application in cookies
    Producing fish sauce from pangasius catfish by-products
    Meeting with the representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Vietnam
    Meeting with the representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Vietnam

    On June 10, 2020, a delegation led by Prof. Hsu Hui Huang - Head of Science and Technology Department - Taipei Culture and Economic Office (TCEO) in Vietnam paid a visit to NTU and had a meeting with the university’s leaders.


    At the meeting, NTU introduced the university and its cooperation programs with partners in Taiwan, as well as the outstanding scientific research and technology transfer activities that the university is carrying out. NTU also made recommendations for strengthening cooperation with Taiwan partners through the connection of the TCEO in Vietnam in such areas as scientific research, technology transfer, researchers and lecturers exchange at NTU, graduate programs inplementation, seminars co-organization with partners and experts from Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

    The representatives of TCEO in Vietnam will help inform NTU’s potential cooperation activities to educational organizations in Taiwan. Regarding the cooperation in student training, the representatives of TCEO in Vietnam supports providing information about governmental scholarship programs such as the TEEP (Taiwan Experience Education Program) to facilitate foreign students to study and research for 2 months in Taiwan. At the same time, the TCEO in Vietnam also gave some suggestions that NTU can refer to increase the scale and effectiveness of organizing scientific seminars. 

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