Signing a cooperation agreement with Esuhai Co., Ltd. on training engineers to work in Japan
Signing a cooperation agreement with Esuhai Co., Ltd. on training engineers to work in Japan

On 11 December 2019, Nha Trang University signed an agreement with Esuhai Co., Ltd. to establish cooperation in Japanese language training and working skills, recruiting graduates to work in Japan.

Nha Trang University will collaborate with Esuhai Co., Ltd. to be a bridge for students to work in Japan, access advanced technology, learn Japanese culture, management and development mindset. Nha Trang University will create an appropriate environment to train professional skills and manners for students during their study at university. Besides, Esuhai Co., Ltd. will create jobs for graduates through the "Work at Japan" program organized by this company. The two sides aim to build a closed training model which includes training contents associated with business requirements, creating high-tech job opportunities for students after graduation, improving foreign language skills (Japanese) especially for those who want to work in Japan.

Two sides expect that the cooperation creates the motivation for students to enroll in Nha Trang University by coordinating in student enrollment, job placement, and career orientation in Japan. After studying and working, these students could apply skills and experiences learnt from Japan to better meet the requirements of the job in Vietnam.

To implement the agreement, Nha Trang University will cooperate with Esuhai Co., Ltd to organize activities such as: recruiting senior engineers to work in Japan; following up the student enrollment, Japanese training, career orientation seminars, and skills training courses  for students.

With more than 10 years of specializing in labor export to Japan, Esuhai Co., Ltd successfully has sent 1,500 engineers and workers to Japan for working in various fields such as baking, mechanics, agriculture, mushroom culture, electronic components, food preliminary processing, aquatic products, plastic injection, automobiles, etc.



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Taiwanese Ocean Camp: "Travelling forms a young man"
Taiwanese Ocean Camp: "Travelling forms a young man"

The camp program took place from October 21 to October 30, 2019. Four students of Nha Trang University were honored to be one of the representatives of Vietnam to participate in the 3rd "International Ocean Camp" at National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU).

This is an annual camp of NTOU with the participation of nearly 70 students from universities specializing in Maritime Science and Fisheries in Asian countries. This year, Nha Trang University sent four students including: Tran Thi Anh Tuyet (senior of business administration), Tran Thi My Hoa (senior of English language), Tran Thi My Duyen and Ngo Phuong Thao (juniors of marketing to attend the camp. This was a very good opportunity for students to gain more knowledge as well as understand more about the cultural diversification through exchanging activities with students from prestigious universities in Asia.

In the framework of the camp program, students attended specialized classes on Maritime Science and Fisheries, which were taught by the professors of NTOU. In addition, campers  also took tours to famous landmarks in Taiwan such as the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, YehLiu GeoPark, Taipei 101, JiuFen Old Street and the very famous Night Market in Keelung Citywhere campers themselves as well as international visitors enjoyed street food imbued with Taiwanese culinary identity.

After the 10-day trip, four students were still recalling the exciting moments and shared their feelings about the camp.

The youth - ready to seize the opportunity to learn

Whether being the juniors or seniors , all of four students are still eager not only to learn knowledge in class but also to explore the world.

My Hoa said: “This was a great opportunity for me because my major in foreign languages (English and Chinese) . This trip helped me improve my skills. because I can use these languages to communicate with students from different countries. In addition, it gave me an experience of staying at a foreign university's campus”.

As for Phuong Thao, she always lives with and protected by her parents and relatives. Therefore, she took this opportunity to have new experiences in living independently and taking responsibility for herself when living away from home for a short time.

Students attended specialized sessions

Visiting NTOU history museum


Thoughtful preparation of the organizers

For four girls, they were still like fishes out of water for the first time to come to a new country. However, the thoughtful welcome, preparation and organization of NTOU during the 10-day camp made them very impressed.

“Attending this summer camp, I was really impressed by the thoughtful, professional and formal organization such as the airport shuttle, lessons, sightseeing tour, farewell party, study materials, meals or sleeping and transportation arrangements"- My Hoa said.

Anh Tuyet added: “The volunteer students of the International Camp's impressed me by their friendliness and enthusiasm. They also answered our questions convincingly. I really missed them when coming back home.

Check-in at NTOU

Lovely friends

With nearly 70 students from the universities of Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and of NTOU, this was a truly good environment for NTU students to communicate, make friends and learn more about the culture and customs of their countries. Among them, a lot of students from Malaysia and Indonesia left a deep impression on NTU's students.

My Duyen shared: "I was very impressed by a Malaysian friend. She was of Chinese descent but born in Malaysia. She was very good at Chinese so that she taught me a lot."

Meanwhile, the most memorable thing of Phuong Thao was the memories with the students from Vietnamese universities such as Vietnam Maritime University, Can Tho University and Indonesian universities. They were lovely, friendly, funny brothers and sisters with the ability to speak English, Chinese fluently.

Taking photos with international students


Milk tea is not the only one in Taiwan

Before the trip, all of them thought of Taiwan as a country famous for milk tea and Taipei 101 tower. However, after 10 days, they knew more about Taiwan with great destinations, tasty street food, and an effective environmental policy.

Traveling in Taiwan is very convenient thanks to public transportation such as buses, HSR (High Speed Rail), and MRT (Metropolitan Rapid Transit)

Through field trips, My Hoa noticed that “Tourist destinations such as the civil works, the ancient villages or the natural works were planned and managed reasonably. Therefore, they can keep their fresh environment and cleanliness around despite a large number of tourists. For man-made constructions such as the Taipei 101 tower or the modern biotechnology shipbuilding museum, visitors can not only visit and listen to the explanations of the equipment and objects in the museum but also experience the process of fishing or 3D simulation games related to the fishing process or the formation of creatures in the ocean. This specially attracted the tourists' interest.”

Enjoying Taiwanese street food

Ten days have passed but the imprints and lessons during the trip will remain in the memories of four students, whichcreates the foundation for their studies as well as their future careers.

Established in 1953, National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) is one of the most famous universities in Taiwan specializing in the field of marine science and technology. NTOU currently has more than 9,000 students enrolled in 7 colleges and 34 departments specializing in Marine Science and Management, Life - Science, Marine Science and Resources, Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Social Sciences and Humanities, and Law - Marine Policy. It is also recognized as one of the best universities for international students in Taiwan, which was ranked among the top 400 universities in the world in 2011 and 2012 and ranked 76th among universities. throughout Asia.

International camp programs are always taking place every year, not only in Taiwan but also in many other countries. Students can track information about these programs at website of the Department of External Relations.


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