No Program  Unit in charge
1 International Summer Program Department of External Cooperation
2 Food safety and hygiene Faculty of Food Technology 
3 Basic HACCP
4 HACCP Audit
5 CAD/CAM, CNC machining Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
6 Income Tax workshop Faculty of Accounting and Finance
7 Accounting Practices
8  Operating automotive technical  services;  mastering professional  skills in component  production  and automotive assembly line technology Faculty of Transportation Engineering
9 Controlling component  production and automotive assembly line
10 Improving automotive techniques and technology for enhancing efficiency
11 Ship welding technology for high quality
12 Using modern soft wares for ship designs
13 Simulation for ship strengths and ship
 structure optimization
14 TOEIC English courses Faculty of Foreign Languages
15 Molecular diagnostic of aquatic disease Institute for Biotechnology and Environment  
16 Mushroom cultivation
17 Basic quantitative analysis techniques
 for bussiness administration and marketing
Faculty of Economics