Faculty of Information Technology

NTU established the Faculty of Information Technology in 2003 to train human resources in IT for the South Central and Highlands regions. The Faculty now has 42 members, six of which have doctorates and, 33 have masters degrees. The majority of these staff were trained in advanced universities in France, Australia, South Korea, Belgium, and Japan. The Faculty controls a specialized laboratory, one virtual stock classroom, an online conference room, and IT rooms for basic and applied computing subjects with over 300 networked computers. The Faculty has trained approximately 2,000 bachelors in IT. The number of graduates working in the field of IT in Khanh Hoa province’s organizations and enterprises has gradually increased. 

The Faculty annually holds the “Informatics Olympiad” for NTU students, to promote learning and conducting research and to find and foster IT talents to participate in Informatics exams at provincial and national levels. The NTU Informatics Team regularly competes in the “Informatics Olympiad” for Vietnamese students and has achieved four 2nd prizes, ten 3rd prizes, and 12 consolation prizes. Moreover, the team obtained a Bronze Cup in 2011 and a Silver Cup in 2012 in the “International Student Programming Exam ACM/ICPC”.

Today, the Faculty of Information Technology consists of four departments: The Department of Software Engineering, the Department of Information Systems, the Department of Computer Networks and Communications, and the Department of Mathematics.

The Faculty of Information Technology focuses its efforts on becoming one of the most prestigious faculties of information technology training in the nation. Its mission is to contribute to the development of human resources in the field of information technology in Vietnam.


The Faculty of Information Technology is responsible for two 4-year bachelor programs including Information Technology and Information System Management. With the Information Technology program, after completing foundational prerequisite courses, students can take elective specialized subjects in information systems, software engineering, or computer networks and communications in their last year.

Undergraduate programs:

  • Bachelor in  Information Technology
  • Bachelor in Information Technology – POHE program (Profession-Oriented Higher Education)
  • Bachelor in  Information System Management

Graduate programs:

  • Master in Information Technology: In association with Hanoi Polytechnic University, the Faculty of Information Technology offers a 2-year Master’s program in information technology. All the main courses are taught by professors from Hanoi Polytechnic University. However, since 2017, under the permission of the Ministry of Education and Training, the Faculty was allowed to train master program in Information Technology.

Together with instruction and training, scientific research and technology transfer are also primary functions of the Faculty of Information Technology. The faculty has taken significant steps toward conducting applied information technology projects.

The faculty takes necessary steps to ensure that all instructors and students have the support and equipment necessary to conduct creative research on practical and scientific research projects.


- Building testing systems. Project manager:  Nguyen Huu Trong PhD.

- Mining association rules in temporal database (National Research Project Code: 221004). Project managers: Nguyen Dinh Thuan PhD.

- Study algorithm on data mining in temporal database. Project manager: Nguyen Dinh Thuan PhD.

- Roughset Theory and Applications. Project manager:  Nguyen Duc Thuan PhD


Research groups

Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition:

    + MSc Nguyen Dinh Cuong: Speech Recognition System using Microphone Array

    + MSc Nguyen Khac Cuong: Image Recognition for Automobile Systems

    + MSc Nguyen Dinh Hung: Speech Recognition

    + MSc Mai Cuong Tho: Speech Recognition  

    + MSc Le Hoang Thanh: Image Recognition

Roughset and Data Mining:

    + PhD Nguyen Duc Thuan: Roughset Theory and Its Applications in Data Mining

    + MSc Huynh Tuan Anh: Web MiningXML and web ontology

    + PhD Pham Thi Thu Thuy: XML, RDF, OWL ontology Mathematics

    + PhD Do Nhu An: Graph theory - Hamiltonial cycle

    + MSc Pham Gia Hung: Optimizing.     



- List of some typical published papers: 

  1. Nguyen Duc ThuanNew measures for constructing decision tree based on rough sets and applications, International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science, Volume 6, No.5, May - June 2015
  2. Pham Thi Thu Thuy Computing the similarity between duplicate elements in XML schema - International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology, Vol. 7, No. 3, 5/2015
  3. Đặng Thúy Bình, Đoàn Vũ ThịnhPhylogenetic relationships of snappers (lutjanidae) based on mitochodrial DNA sequences - Marine biotechnology and environment – Nha Trang University – 05/2015.
  4. Đặng Thúy Bình, Đoàn Vũ ThịnhWebGis for reef fishes biodiversity at Nha Trang and Cam Ranh bays in Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam, - IICBE international conference 06/2015 – Singapore.
  5. Nguyen Duc ThuanSome extensions of positive and negative rules for discovering basic interesting rules, International Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, Vol 2, No 4, 2013
  6. Nguyen Hung Quoc, Nguyen Duc ThuanAn Improvement of Method Handling Missing Values in Incomplete Information System, International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, Vol 3, Issue 9, September 2013
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  8. Bui Van Dinh, Pham Gia Hung, Le Dung Muu - Bilevel Optimization as a Regularization Approach to Pseudomonotone Equilibrium Problems - Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization – 03/2014
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International cooperation and cooperation with businesses

The Faculty frequently cooperates with international and domestic universities (Hanoi University of Science and Technology, University of Science, HCM City University of Science and Technology, Yeungnam University and Kyung Hee University - South Korea, University of Moncton - Canada) in graduate training, exchange of faculties and students, seminar and conference organization, and scientific research, etc. The Faculty also strengthens cooperation with local agencies to transfer and introduce technologies, or offer vocational guidance to improve the quality of training

The followings are some of the faculty’s established partnerships:

- The Information Technology Faculty of the 8th Paris University, France: Lecturer training programs.
- Faculty and Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), India: Student exchange programs.   

- Yeungnam University, Korea: Student exchange programs.
- The Faculty and University of New England: Designing a new curriculum based on Knowledge, Attitude, Skill (KAS).

- Microsoft: The MSDN AA Program (Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance).
- IBM Academic Initiative: IBM Worldwide Certification Support.

- FPT Software: Recruitment Support.

- Khanh Hoa Association for Information Communication Technology: Scholarship Offer.

Dean:         Mrs. Pham Thi Thu Thuy, PhD.


                   CP: +84.853017323


Vice-Dean: Mr. Bui Chi Thanh, MSc.


                   CP: +84.989639211

Address: 02 Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam


Tel: +84 (258) 2471367