Established since 1986, Institute for Ship Research and Development has succeeded in manufacturing such as: the first composite boat VN90 in Vietnam, the marine research vessel NCB-95, the patrol-boat HT-97, the tugboat LCĐKN-07, the tourism boast King Yacht, the first composite catamaran in Vietnam, and many ongoing projects to design and manufacture high quality and large volume watertanks to serve aquatic product processing and aquaculture activities. The Institute has also taken part in undergraduate and postgraduate training activities in the area of new material and ship engineering. NTU is planning to develop the Institute into a leading institution for the application of new material technology and manufacturing methods to boats, vessels and equipment for the fishery sector.

Functions of the Institute

1. Research & Development the Projects  about ship and application of composite materials.

2. Training and handing over composite technology and design ship.

3. Producing the products, which are the results from the UNINSHIP’s projects.

4.  Connection with the concerned Units in researching area.


Design Department

The function of the Department is to design model of ships and products made from composite. It has made hundreds models of ships and composite products with high quality admitted by customers. Design department was equipped the modern devices in common with specialized soft-wares. So it can quickly satisfy the more and more strict demands’ customers, about the models and features.     

Testing Department

The function of the Department is to check and issue certificates on mechanical, physical and chemical characteristics of shipbuilding materials and civil engineering materials. The Department is equipped with advanced devices according to ISO-2009 and it is run by skilled staff who have certificates on checking materials.

There are two laboratories at the Department. VR LAB – 02: Approved by Vietnam Register. VR LAB-02 is the Lab, which be in the VR LAB system, and equipped with modern devices.  LAS-XD 891: Approved by Ministry of Construction with the name: the Specialist Construction Lab.


The shipyard was approved by Vietnam Register with the title “Unit manufactures the composite products”. Its function is to manufacture and repair productions that are the results of research project conducted by UNINSHIP.  The shipyard is equipped tools for shipbuilding such as rail system to launch and dock ships, 15 ton crane, and other tools for manufacturing metals and composite


UNINSHIP has close relationships with Vietnamese institutions such as Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, University of Natural Sciences (Vietnam National University, Hanoi) in training and research on composite technology and material mechanics.      


1. Designing and manufacturing many kinds of boat.

2. Supplying different kinds of composite tanks in various sizes and shapes for water, fuel and aquaculture purposes.

3. Covering old or new wooden boat with composite material.

4.  Providing technical methods to improve effectiveness of heat-insulation for fishing wooden boats.
5. Technical instruction and technological transference of manufacture of composite and wooden boats.

Research interests: Applying new materials into ship building and fishery logistics

Some main research projects

1. “Research on designing and manufacturing FRP fishing boats” – National Project – carried out UNISHIP and Polyme Center - Ho Chi Minh City Polytechnic University in 1990. Goal of the project is to improve process of manufacturing FRP Fishing Boat in the period 1995-1997.

2 “Research on partial mechanical reinforced methods to cover wooden boats by composite material”. Code number: B98-33-13-TN. Goal of the project is to improve the process covering of wooden boat by composite material with partial mechanical reinforcement.
3. “Research on calculation of natural vibration frequency of fiber composite plate used in ship construction”, Code number: B2002-13-33. Goal of the project is to improve technology process in manufacturing Composite Tugboat 300-400Hp for river transportation. Code: B2005-33-01-DA. Results: Successfully manufactured 02 composite tugboats: CDKN07 and CDKN 08 for the Water Transport Company 1- Hanoi.

4. “Research on designing composite rescue boats for Vietnam ships operating in international lines”. Code number: TR2005-33-06. Goal of the project is to improve technology process of manufacturing composite rescue boats for ships operating in international lines. Code: B2006-33-01-DA. Results: Provided over 60 composite rescue boats for the ships.

5. “Research on calculation of structure and advance of design file of composite passenger catamarans used for sea tourism”. Code: B2009-13-39. Goal of the project is to improve technology process of manufacturing composite passenger catamarans used for sea tourism. Code: B2010-13-01-DA. Results: Successfully Built Thanh Van 05 Ship and Long Phu 17 Ship.

6. “Research on designing, manufacturing a composite system to treat dirty water equipped on passenger boats”. Code: TR-2009-13-07. Results of the project: manufactured successfully a composite system to treat dirty water for tourism boats and fishing boats operating in sea and river lines.

Director: Mr. Nguyen Van Dat, PhD.             

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Vice - Directors:  Mr. Phan Tuan Long, MSc.
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Mr. Dinh Duc Tien, MSc.
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