Launched in 2014, the International intensive program at Nha Trang University was designed to facilitate academic exchanges with friends around the world for specialties which are the strength of NTU. This is also an opportunity to expand international cooperation in training and research, along with promoting the image of people, nature and culture of Vietnam to international students. From 2014, the program has attracted students from universities in Australia, South Korea, Thailand, Czech Republic ... with diverse and interesting courses.

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Tropical Aquaculture Course

This course provides another view of the aquaculture fields with an emphasis on the aquaculture industry in Vietnam, especially in the Southern Central regions.

Through attending lectures, practical activities and discussing with experts, participants will understand basic specialist knowledge on tropical aquaculture concepts such as marine creature biology, seed production and on-growing, disease prevention and treatment of aquatic animals, especially marine finfish and crustaceans; and also the knowledge on environmental and fish resources management.

Students visiting floating fishing cages in Lang Island


Students visiting a hatchery farm 


Tropical Marine Biodiversity

Vietnam has one of the world’s most diverse marine biologic systems. This biodiversity feeds and supports not only local communities within Vietnam, but, a growing international export market, as well. Vietnam also is one of the world’s countries most at risk for loss of biodiversity due to climate change. With the risk due to both climate change and increased reliance on the marine system to support both local and international markets, it is imperative to understand not only the biodiversity that exists, but, the factors that help maintain it, as the pressures on it increase.

The purpose of this course is to introduce the concepts necessary to understand marine biodiversity with the specific examples of Vietnamese marine biodiversity.

Students learning about the diversity of marine species at the fishing port


People and Livelihoods in South Central of Vietnam

This is an introduction course in Vietnamese culture and tourism, and no previous knowledge is required. The information and skills taught in this course will help students understand an aspect of Vietnamese culture through people and livelihoods in Khanh Hoa. Learners will be studying about geography, landscapes, vestige, festivals, traditional handicrafts, local specialties and values of people in Vietnam in general and Khanh Hoa province in particular. 

Learners will also have opportunities to experience valuable field trips to major attractions of Khanh Hoa province. English is used for teaching, the duration for each program is flexibly designed from 2-4 weeks, and the course is held every month of the year.

Students participating in a cooking class to discover Vietnamese food


Students visiting an old citadel to discover Vietnamese history and culture


Opportunities to practice soft skills and English for NTU students

This program also creates the opportunity for Nha Trang University’s students to interact with international students through a number of activities in the program such as: guiding at traditional markets, supporting teaching Vietnamese language lessons, and cultural exchanges, etc. The students can practice their soft skills in real situations, understand more about the cultures of other countries and make many international friends.

At the same time, using English to communicate helps NTU students improve their English skills, which helps their studies and enriches their profiles.

NTU's student taking international students for a campus tour