Launching the DIGITAL-MOVE Project

According to the work plan of the project "Bridging Digital Divide in Mongolia and Vietnam through HEI’s Digital Transformation (DIGITAL MOVE)", the days from 22 to 26 May, In 2023, the delegation of Nha Trang University attended the project kick-off meeting at CITI University Institute, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.


At the Project kick-off meeting, the partners heard reports and discussed an overview of the Project implementation process, the roadmap for implementing the work packages, and issues related to the Project budget.

As one of the project's key partners (Coordinating Vietnamese partners), Nha Trang University has joined CITI University - Project Coordinator, and European partners to participate in developing and preparing the kick-off meeting agenda.

A representative of Nha Trang University's DIGITAL-MOVE Project Management Unit presented an introduction to the University and work package 4 (WP 4) related to content development for face-to-face/online training courses chaired by the Universiy.  

Overview of the kick-off meeting of the DIGITAL-MOVE project.

At the kick-off meeting, the host school also conducted a ceremony to award the partnership contract signed between Nha Trang University and CITI University to officially implement the above project.

The DIGITAL-MOVE project is part of the European Community (EC) support program to strengthen the capacity of higher education institutions in developing countries. The project is built to achieve the main goals such as: developing a digital transformation culture in higher education institutions of Mongolia and Vietnam; promoting a culture of digital transformation; developing digital soft skills for lecturers, students, specialists, and managers through courses and training courses…

This is an important project for the development of Nha Trang University, especially in the context that the University is implementing Resolution No. 19/NQ-ĐHNT dated April 15, 2022, on promoting digital transformation in the future in all areas including training, teaching, research and administration activities of the University.

Delegates visit Otoch Manramba University.

The DIGITAL-MOVE project has a total of 13 universities participating in the project, including 4 institutes and schools of Mongolia (CITI University, Mongolian University of Life Sciences, Otoch Manramba University - Otoch Manramba University, and Erdenet Institute of Technology) and 2 universities in Europe (Université Côte d'Azur - Université Côte d'Azur (France) and the Technical University of Kosice - Technical University of Kosic (Slovakia)). On the Vietnamese side, there are 7 participating universities, including Tay Nguyen University, University of Danang, Nha Trang University, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Can Tho University, Quy Nhon University, and Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics.

The project is implemented from February 2023 to February 2026, with a total budget of 783,570 EURO, of which Nha Trang University directly benefits: 58,016 EURO. The project aims to achieve major results such as 7 universities in Vietnam and 4 universities in Mongolia have improved digital transformation capacity; 10 subjects on digital transformation for undergraduate students and 06 subjects for graduate students in the field of digital transformation have been updated and newly built for teaching at higher education institutions; 400 turns of students, 100 turns of lecturers, 100 turns of officials and 30 turns of leaders and managers trained and trained in digital transformation at higher education institutions; 2 digital events were held in Vietnam and Mongolia; 01 guiding document to promote digital transformation, 01 document on teaching/learning methods in the digital environment at higher education institutions (handbook) and 01 policy report on digital transformation published by 2 languages Vietnamese and Mongolian.

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