Many valuable documents in marine scientific research were shared at the international conference "Marine Sustainable Development and Innovation 2023" (MSDI 2023)

In 03 days from July 21-23, 2023, at Nha Trang University, an international seminar with the theme: "Marine Sustainable Development and Innovation 2023" (MSDI 2023). More than 250 scientists from 12 countries attended the conference.


The workshop was chaired by Nha Trang University and coordinated with the Vietnam Association of Science Editing (VASE). The workshop aims to contribute to the construction and development of Vietnam's marine economy in a sustainable and effective manner in accordance with the spirit of Resolution 36-NQ/TW.

At the workshop, many scientists, policymakers, and stakeholders discussed and shared scientific, technical, and new achievements, while promoting effective and sustainable development, supporting economic growth, and social welfare, and protecting the marine environment in Vietnam. The conference provides an opportunity for domestic and foreign scientists to meet, exchange and share the latest research results to serve the goal of sustainable development of the marine economy.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Trang Si Trung - Rector of Nha Trang University gave a welcome speech at MSDI 2023.

Ms. Donna McGowan - Director of British Council Vietnam speaking at MSDI 2023.


During the master session, scientists from different nationalities, Korea, Japan, Norway, and Iceland gave four presentations. About 150 reports by researchers are valuable documents that enrich our understanding of marine science and sustainable development in the context of Industry 4.0.

The two special sessions of MSDI 2023 are the UK and Vietnam Workshop on the shared heritage of university-sustainable business collaboration, influential research, digital education, and academic exchange, and the UK-Vietnam Workshop on bioengineering and sustainable health, focusing on the development of spore vaccines for Helicobacter pylori and new technologies for sustainable development.

The lectures and presentations aim to share common topics, related to sustainable development, and maximize opportunities for experts and attendees to meet, exchange and discuss, contribute to come up with innovative solutions to promote effective and sustainable development in higher education and business cooperation, economic growth, social welfare, environmental protection and public health.

Scientists have shared many valuable documents that enrich the understanding of marine science and sustainable development.


This is one of the important events to kick off the British Council's "UK/Vietnam Season 2023" Program to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of official diplomatic relations between the two countries, the United Kingdom, and the 30th anniversary of the British Council's establishment in Vietnam. This program is an opportunity to further strengthen existing relationships and create more innovative partners based on mutual trust, respect, and understanding between the two countries.

The UK and Vietnam Workshop


Ms. Donna McGowan, Director of the British Council in Vietnam said, ‘The year 2023 is the 30th anniversary of the British Council in Vietnam, and the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the UK and Vietnam. On this occasion, we have launched the UK/Vietnam Season 2023 program with the aim of promoting a deep understanding of the cultures and heritages, values, and aspirations of the two countries through sharing experiences, expertise, and partner networks. Irdam Project - Promoting influential research, digital education, and academic exchange - one of 31 cooperative projects sponsored in the Season program, focusing on sustainable content, UN sustainable goals, creative solutions to protect the planet, and the common heritage of the United Kingdom and Vietnam on cooperation in university education and joint education, connecting education and joint education karma. I am impressed with this partnership's results over the years – a network of more than 30 partners and over £4 million raised through funding from Vietnam, the UK, and elsewhere. This embodies the partnership's breadth, depth, and legacy of the partnership with impressive results in research and innovation. It is also evidence of the shared heritage of UK and Vietnamese partnership programs in research, development, and higher education cooperation.’

Nhiều tài liệu quý trong nghiên cứu về khoa học biển được chia sẻ tại hội thảo quốc tế “Đổi mới và phát triển biển bền vững 2023”

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