Seminar on Marine Fish Disease and Marine Aquaculture

On the morning of March 29, 2024, at the Institute of Aquaculture (Nha Trang University), a discussion on " Marine Fish Disease and Marine Aquaculture" took place between the Institute of Aquaculture and USSEC (U.S. Soybean Export Council).

Participating in the discussion, the USSEC side included: Mr. Lukas Manomaitis - Fisheries Technical Director, Mr. Hsiang Pin Lan - marine fish expert, in charge of Southeast Asia, Mr. Bui Ngoc Thanh - In charge of Fisheries Technology in Northern Vietnam; The Institute of Aquaculture had the participation of more than 40 officials, lecturers and students. In addition, to participating in the discussion was Mr. Easton James, Executive Director of the Soy Aquaculture Alliance.

At the seminar, the two sides had an introduction about each side's potential and opportunities for cooperation in the future, as well as professional reports on hatchery production, marine farming, and marine fish diseases. The two sides discussed in detail professional issues, training and scientific research issues, and specific cooperation orientations in the future between USSEC and the Institute of Aquaculture - Nha Trang University.

On the same afternoon, USSEC experts and leaders of the Institute of Aquaculture will visit the Cam Ranh Aquaculture Experimental Camp.

Tọa đàm về Nuôi biển và Bệnh trên cá biển

Tọa đàm về Nuôi biển và Bệnh trên cá biển

Tọa đàm về Nuôi biển và Bệnh trên cá biển

Tọa đàm về Nuôi biển và Bệnh trên cá biển


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