Faculty of Transportation Engineering

The Faculty of Transportation Engineering as established in 2007. The Faculty is now responsible for training and research in the areas of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Maritime Science, Marine Power Engineering (especially in the areas of Fishing Vessels). Currently, the Faculty has over 1,000 students and over 40 experienced staff members, 100% of which have completed graduate education, including 2 Associate Professors and 7 Ph.Ds.

The Faculty includes three departments: Department of Naval Architecture, Department of Marine Engineering, and Department of Automotive Engineering.  


Undergraduate programs:

  • Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Maritime Science
  • Marine Power Engineering

Graduate programs

- Master’s programs:

  • Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Marine Power Engineering

- Doctoral programs:

  • Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
  • Marine Power Engineering

Short courses

  • Operating automotive technical services; mastering professional skills in component production and automotive assembly line technology.
  • Controlling component production and automotive assembly line.
  • Improving automotive techniques and technology for enhancing efficiency.
  • Ship welding technology for high quality.
  • Using modern software for ship designs (Autocad software, Autoship software, Delftship Software, Maat hydro ++ software, Ansys)
  • Simulation for ship strengths and ship structures optimization.

Research activities of the Faculty focus primarily on the automation in ship design and building, designing and building specialized ships such as submarine, hovercraft, human powered hydrofoil, using new material and new fuels in transportation engineering, and using new fuels.

Research interest

  • Designing and building the specialized ships such as Underwater Vehicle, Hovercraft, Human Powered Hydrofoil, Catamaran etc.
  • Designing the fishing vessel, high-speed craft, planing boats, etc. by new materials (composite, PPC, etc.).
  • Using new materials (composite, PPC, etc.) in designing and building Catamaran for Marine Tourism.
  • Researching on using CAD/CAM technology in ship design and shipbuilding. Computing and simulation for Strength of Ship Structure. 
  • Researching the safe standards and the model vessel suitable to the Vietnamese fishing fleet.
  • Researching on ship propeller (Computing the strength of propeller blades by FEM
  • Copying propeller blades by REM
  • Manufacturing the propeller with a versatile mold by CNC miller, Programming to design and draw 3D seri B)
  • Designing and manufacturing of equipment for offshore fishing vessels.
  • Automation of engine systems.
  • Research on using alternative fuels for fishing boat engine.
  • Improving the efficiency of operations of fishing boat energy equipment.
  • Using new energy for automobiles such as Hybrid, solar energy.


  • Project Leader of the production test: Complete fabrication process technologies basket boats with composite materials capable of self-propelled and non-self-serving squid fishing offshore, MSc. Pham Thanh Nhut (1/2007 - 1/2009).  
  • Research design and testing fabrication of lobster cages with non-metallic materials for fishermen Song Cau district - Phu Yen, MSc. Pham Thanh Nhut (3/2006 - 3/2007).

Research projects at Nha Trang University level

  • Study the change of physical properties of FRP materials TiO2 and MgO additive exposure to diesel fuel (TR99-33-05), MSc. Huynh Van Nhu.
  • Application of the numeral method to expanding the shell of ships. (TR2002-33-10), MSc. Huynh Van Vu.
  • Application finite element method to study the stress distribution and deformation of steel structure bottom (TR2002-33-11), MSc. Tran Hung Tra.
  • Research design boats Composite material aid for Vietnam's ships in international voyages 10,000 tons of, MSc Phan Tuan Long.
  • Design Build process technology steel-hulled applications in shipbuilding practice at NTU, MSc Huynh Van Vu.
  • Study vacuum solutions for composite materials production workshop area in south central, MSc. Huynh Van Nhu.          

Research projects at the Ministry’s level

  • Research writing software automates the theoretical ship’s line drawing according to the given coordinates and the design parameters (B99-33 to 27-TD), MSc Nguyen Dinh Long.
  • The study determined the frequency of free vibration of the fiber reinforced composite panels designed for use in bottom fishing boats (B99-33-23), Nguyen Van Dat, PhD.
  • Study of some mechanical – physical – chemical solutions in order to enhance the tribology and wear of Polyamid plastic used in shaft bearing. Principal Researcher: Le Ba Khang, Code B-2001-33-02.
  • The study proposes some of solutions to help improve the quality of education comprehensively in University of Fisheries (B2002-33-13),  Vu Van Xung, PhD.
  • Study the automotive design of ship’s line to meet the diverse needs of current fishing vessels (B2004-33-36), Tran Gia Thai, PhD.
  • Investigation of XADO industrial application in order to utilization efficiency of small power, high speed ship Diesel engine. Principal Researcher:  Le Ba Khang, Code B-2007-13-19.

 Research projects for performance and technology transfer

  • Surveys and technical documentation for the type of fishing vessel and fish boats for the Department of Maritime Resource Protection used in local areas.
  • Design of high-speed vessels, passenger vessels, fishing boats, glass bottom boats, boats to clean oil spills and FRP and wooden shells for companies.
  • Investigation and analysis of vessel pattern and the influence of fishing and fishing equipment on fishing vessels in the central provinces of the Bien Dong Corporation.
  • Non-destructive testing structure of hull for Z753 Shipyard. - Building tugboat model for Song Thu shipyard - Da Nang.
  • Transferring software used in the design calculations and fabrication of ships such as: sea keeping calculation software, ship propeller design software, the strength and vibration of propeller shaft systems that have pillow software, the strength, vibration and duration of calculation software of complex structure in different materials.

The Faculty has cooperated with some renowned international universities and companies in field of Naval Architecture, such as: University of Ulsan, University College of Ulsan (South Korea) NTNU (Norway), and Hyundai Vietnam Shipbuilding. Additionally, the high achieving senior students of our Faculty will continue to study their final year at University College of Ulsan. They will receive the diplomas from two universities, and will be offered jobs at the Hyundai Vietnam Shipyard. The faculty has just entered into a joint program with National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) to train Ph.D.s in Naval Architecture.

Dean:               Mr. Huynh Van Vu, Dr.


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