General introduction

The Center for Experiments and Practices was established in May 2011. It was set up to efficiently utilize and systematically manage existing laboratory equipment for training and research activities. The formation of the Center represents a significant step in the management reform plan of the university.

      Staff relocated over 1,000 types of equipment for experiments and scientific research from different faculties and institutes to 30 laboratories in order to provide better access to students, faculties and research­ers. With a large variety of equipment, up-to-date facilities, and a professional managerial staff, the Center for Experiments and Practices has become an ideal place for conducting experi­ments, research, and other scientific activities.

    - Biotechnology
    - Seafood technology  

    - Food technology

    - Environment

    - Environmental engineering

    - Aquaculture pathology
    - Physiological ecology              

    - Chemistry

    - Physics

    - Chemistry

    - Microbiology

    - Refrigeration engineering
    - Nutrition and feed for aquaculture

    - Mechanics  

    - Materials  
    - Measurement techniques  

    - Electrical machinery and electrical equipment
    - Mechatronics

    - Mechanical workshop              

    - Electric car

    - Car workshop

    - Electrical engineering
    - Electron engineering

    - Electron similar

    - Audio

    - Video

    - Electrical supply

    - Electric actuator

    - Programmable controller

    - Controller automatic

    -  Number - Microprocessor    

    - Power electronics


Visiting and Mailing address: B-3, Nha Trang Campus, 02 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam



    Tel: +84.258.222 0727

    Fax: + 84.258.383 1147


    Director:     Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa, PhD


    CP: +84. 966337972